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October 19th, 2016
Personal Financial management
This active learning tool was perfect to use as a review game. The kids are out of their seats and are all into the momentum of the game. A great plus is that our state team (Cleveland Indians) is in the playoffs and this made the game have relevance to what is causing excitement now in our town. The kids know more about baseball then I do so they liked keeping score and competing.
August 29th, 2016
9th grade
I find it useful to engage students with tools similar to 'Round the Bases, such as this: have an interactive, hands-on game that reviews and/or tests students over knowledge learned that week (or that unit, or that chapter). Then, the class essentially works as one giant team to answer the questions. Great way to review!
July 28th, 2016
Personal Finance, Advanced Business Management
This activity is a great way to review content that has already been shared with students. I use this as a Conclusion Activity right before a test. Students love the competition aspect of this review game. I usually give a few bonus points to the winning team!