November 29th, 2017
Personal Finance
I feel as if this is one of the most important lessons to use. The importance of the investment of human capital is one that is not stressed enough in high school. The student's attitudes certainly get an adjustment, when you show them the differences in salary potential!
December 23rd, 2016
Independent Living
The activity that was enjoyed by all students was the Income vs. Education Tower Active Learning Tool. The students had to create a tower using balloons and tape. The catch most groups had some restrictions based on the education level they were handed. They may have been given HS dropouts or Masters Degree Education Level. The lower the level, the more restrictions were given to groups. Some could not speak and had to have one hand behind their back. In the debriefing, it was observed by students that their are handicaps one faces when one's level of education does not meet the career requirements for a desired position. Often times, salary is based on level of education. The resources show current real world earnings based on education level and trends. Very eye opening!