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June 27th, 2017
Economics and Personal Finance
Excellent and updated information on banking. Take Charge Today is always on the forefront of keeping lessons updated and relative...ebanking is part of everyday life. Kudos to Take Charge Today for recognizing this and providing a wonderful lesson that helps to introduce these concepts.
December 31st, 2016
Personal Finance
This is an introduction to ebanking. This is a history of how banking has changed over time. Much can be added to this lesson with the introduction of smart phone pictures of checks and other advances to ebanking.
September 27th, 2016
Principles of Finance
9th - 10th
As a Business teacher who began my career teaching students how to write checks as the main method of paying bills, it is just amazing how the world of banking has changed! Although there is still a place for writing checks, electronic banking has surely exploded! This lesson helped my students understand the various methods of electronic banking, the benefits of electronic banking and how they can be safe banking on-line. Thank you for providing this lesson as it helps us ensure that we are teaching our students concepts that are relevant today in the world of banking!