October 5th, 2017
Credit reports and scores can be so difficult to learn about, but this makes it easy (and educational). With so many commercials of today advertising services related to credit reports and credit scores, it is more important than ever to have this lesson ready for students. A variety of ages could use this lesson.
June 27th, 2017
Economics and Personal Finance
Again, second of my 3 favorite lessons by Take Charge Today. You can analyze and study Isabella Langley's credit report and history and the students can learn from her past usage of credit to determine what her credit score may be and why. One of my fav's!
December 21st, 2016
Personal Finance
By far one of my favorite instructional units by Take Charge Today. Students have the opportunity to look at Isabella Langley's credit use and history. When finished, students are really surprised by all the information which is kept historically on credit use and they feel more confident in their ability to look for the positives and negatives in credit reports.