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November 4th, 2016
Personal Finance
I have used this as a culminating activity in previous years for a variety of units. The students have to create their own book, as well as come up with a follow-up activity they would give the students in they were the teacher. We have done it with partners, used Google Slides to create, or even just good old markers and construction paper. The students love this activity. It can be used in any subject for any topic. It shows how much knowledge the students have synthesized!
August 31st, 2016
9th grade
We create children's books with financial and economic lessons; we do this every year in my economics course, and it is such a fun and educational learning experience. In addition, my Economics Club students take the children's books that they create and actually go read those self-created books to our local elementary school students. I have seen so many students become proud and confident from creating books, and I highly recommend this idea to other educators.