November 10th, 2017
Financial Math
My students just finished learning about the choices they have for depository institutions. Most agreed that they would have probably just opened an account at the institution their parents use instead of finding which one is best for their needs. Great information guide provided in this lesson. And they enjoyed the "Josie activity" which helped them understand key features to examine in accounts.
June 4th, 2017
Personal Financial Management
I had a local banker as a speaker for this lesson. The students had a lot of questions and I feel they now better understand banking services. I hope to have a credit union speaker added to this lesson plan. The information is generally new to students and vital for them to know now since many of them are now able to join the workforce and have to know what to do with their paychecks.
March 10th, 2017
Principles of Finance
It is so easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a bank or a credit union! This lesson helps students understand what consumers should look for when choosing one that would work best for their needs. So many students choose a bank based on where their parents bank. Following this lesson, students will be comfortable making their own choices!