October 5th, 2017
This works very well with guest speakers as well. You can bring in guest speakers from a variety of careers to help students see and hear, first-hand, about different career options. And, students are usually very excited to have guest speakers visit.
June 4th, 2017
Personal Financial Management
Career exploration lessons are so important to understand at the HS level. This lesson helps students see what careers best suit them, as well as, what careers are in demand. I like to bring in parents as speakers to share about their careers. I also found a good resource from Naviance, which is our school's software for guidance and students. I was able to use the career road trip videos that express career opportunity from people in various careers that share their experiences.
December 23rd, 2016
Transitions and Careers
The charades activity depicting different careers was a hit. The students were engaged and had fun guessing and acting out the occupations. For the career research aspect of this lesson, the website "Naviance", which is used by many schools, proved very useful because of it's career exploration aspect which shows career clusters after students fill out a survey. A great tool in "Naviance" is a link to many people sharing a glimpse into every career. Very useful. Ask your guidance department for this tool.