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The Missing Half of Financial Education

Brian Page

Part of financial literacy is knowing how money works, which is common instruction in schools that offer a personal finance class. But to be truly capable, and enjoy better outcomes, adults must also understand the social and emotional aspects of money. That constitutes The Missing Half of financial education.

Groovin’ to the Tunes: How Music Can Make Econ Ed Fun!

Jessica Culver

Do you remember being a student and wishing your teacher would make class more interactive and hands-on? I certainly do! That is why, as a 9th grade economics teacher, I really try to incorporate kinesthetic learning activities into the classroom. And guess what... when the students are having fun, I am having fun!

Our Grandparents Learned Personal Finance in School. Why Can’t Our Children?

Ted Beck

Our grandparents learned more in school about personal finance than our children do now. What they needed to know about the nation’s financial system was included in math class.

I’ve got three editions of “Hamilton’s Essentials of Arithmetic,” a nifty little series from 1919 that focused its lessons on “the broader fields which the child is likely to enter after leaving school–fields in which problems of taxation, insurance, investments and other business and social enterprises make a practical demand on arithmetical knowledge.”