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Teenagers and Income Taxes: Why Are Taxes Deducted from My Paycheck?

Robin Palmer

In my role as a teacher, it is important that I teach students about empolyment vocabulary terms, help them complete their employment paperwork, and instruct them on their role as citizen taxpayers in our society.

These States are Moving Forward on Financial Literacy in School

Dan Kadlec

State authorities in Massachusetts often stumble when it comes to providing a framework for financial literacy learning. They did it again this summer: budget-minded Gov. Charlie Baker cut a $60,000 program geared at teaching low-income women how to stretch their resources.

Roadmap for Promoting Financial Literacy in Your Community

Lisa Bender

"Becoming financially literate is not just beneficial for an individual, it's also beneficial for the community in which they live, and for our nation as a whole." - Lisa Bender

Transforming today’s students with the “softskills” needed for the workplace

Susan McNamara

“Soft Skills” - are they truly necessary for the workplace? Yes, say employers, and many have been giving this feedback to anyone in education circles who’s willing to listen! Personal finance courses are an ideal place to embed opportunities to practice these skills since content taught in these classes can work to prepare and connect students and the workplace. So, what are these skills? They are the skills that reflect a polished worker.

The Missing Half of Financial Education

Brian Page

Part of financial literacy is knowing how money works, which is common instruction in schools that offer a personal finance class. But to be truly capable, and enjoy better outcomes, adults must also understand the social and emotional aspects of money. That constitutes The Missing Half of financial education.