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Why Financial Literacy Teachers are Excited About This New Course

Brian Page

Financial literacy teachers will be happy to know they have a valuable new resource to draw upon—one that will both save them time and add a welcome dose of relevancy to their lessons.

In August 2017, NextGen Personal Finance unveiled a free one-semester personal finance course that is easy to use and understand. It promises to help novice financial literacy teachers get started quickly while providing tools for experienced financial literacy teachers to build a better program.

Time for a Field Trip! Financial Literacy: Fun and Formative for Students

Jessica Culver

Do you remember being in school and getting SO EXCITED for field trip day?  Well, guess what?  21st Century learners get excited too!  For both students and teachers, there are  numerous ways field trips you can take that are both fun and educational.  And, even better, there are an endless number of ways to make these field trips relate to financial literacy!

Community Based Field Trips 

First, look for financial literacy field trips right within your own community.  

Local Banks & Credit Unions 

Buffett’s Winning Bet has a Simple Money Lesson for All

Dan Kadlec

Here’s a slam-dunk financial literacy lesson to share with kids and adults alike: keep it simple. That’s what Warren Buffett does. The strategy has made him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world—and to make a point, recently Buffett shamed the complicated, high-fee $3 trillion hedge fund industry.

One Bank’s Contributions to Educating ... and Empowering ... Different Age Groups

FDIC Money Smart Team

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Since 2010, Beneficial State Bank (previously Pan American Bank), headquartered in Oakland, California, has used Money Smart to teach financial education workshops in more than 30 locations—including high schools, colleges and conferences—throughout the state. The sessions have reached more than 14,000 participants, from students to baby boomers, over the last six years.

Teenagers and Income Taxes: Why Are Taxes Deducted from My Paycheck?

Robin Palmer

In my role as a teacher, it is important that I teach students about empolyment vocabulary terms, help them complete their employment paperwork, and instruct them on their role as citizen taxpayers in our society.