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Do you remember being a student and wishing your teacher would make class more interactive and hands-on? I certainly do! That is why, as a 9th grade economics teacher, I really try to incorporate kinesthetic learning activities into the classroom. And guess what... when the students are having fun, I am having fun!

How do you make learning more interactive and hands-on? One of my favorite ways to do this is to incorporate music into the classroom. Takes Charge Today is my number one go-to source for lessons that use music in the areas of economics and financial literacy. Take Charge can provide you with countless songs that relay economic messages, but you can really use these songs in nearly ANY subject area.  

  • Are you a history teacher teaching about the Great Depression? Use Alabama’s “Song of the South”, showcasing how the Great Depression impacted working-class people.  
  • Are you a family and consumer science teacher who wants to emphasize the importance of financial freedom? Use Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” to spur a discussion about becoming financially independent.
  • Are you math teacher who wants to have students calculate the cost of living in your local area, or in different parts of the country? Use Ronnie Dunn’s “Cost of Living” and students will find themselves thinking deeply about the myriad of ways that expenses add up and impact us in the 21st century economy.  

If you want to really appeal to kinesthetic learners who love to move around the room while learning, check out Take Charge Today’s Active Learning Tool “Musical Chairs”. This activity, which can be used with any and all grades, gets students up and moving around the room while also promoting financial literacy. Using “Musical Chairs” is quick, easy, fun, and it integrates a game that everyone already knows into the classroom environment. Music, games, moving, AND learning all at once? Yes, it’s possible! Even better, it’s always a major success in promoting student engagement.    

To see all of the ways to integrate music into your classroom, go to Take Charge Today’s Active Learning Tools section to find the Music Integration Active Learning Tool. You can even follow Take Charge Today on Spotify to find playlists that are synced with Take Charge Today units. Once you play music in the classroom, you and your students will be singing your way to economic excellence! I have used this lesson numerous times, and students get SO excited to come to class and learn economics with music. Music integration plus economics and personal finance equals financial fun! I absolutely love using Take Charge Today’s Music Integration Active Learning Tool in my classroom, and you will too.   

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