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While your current school year may be flying by, hopefully there’s still time to try something new with your students. No one knows this better than the classroom educators who write curriculum lessons and active learning tools for Take Charge Today (TCT) financial education curriculum. Whether you’re new to TCT as a classroom resource or you’re already familiar with TCT’s 100+ lessons for middle and high school learners, this program has many popular pedagogy strategies to share with business teachers on the front lines of learning. 

What’s New & Noteworthy from Take Charge Today 

w-4Tax Lessons 

Have you taught any tax lessons yet? TCT offers the brand new Paying Your Income Taxes hands-on performance task that can provide your students with real-world experience using new IRS 1040 Tax Forms. You’ll find eight different scenarios to help teach W-4, W-2, tax tables and current IRS forms. We’ve even got screenshots of these forms in both the lesson and answer keys to provide you maximum confidence to walk students through this important topic.

Investing Lessons

TCT has many options for teaching investment topics. For basic knowledge of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, check out Fundamentals of Investing lesson. If you want a more advanced level approach to help students understand the equity markets, try Let’s Talk Stocks which provides a deep dive into EPS, P/E Ratios, categories of stocks, etc. If you have your own preferred lesson for teaching investing but want a real-world investment activity for individual or small group work, use TCT’s new Researching Stocks: An Investment Portfolio Simulation. Interested in pairing a movie about the stock market with some EdTech activities? Check out TCT’s ideas for using Wall St: Money Never Sleeps, a PG-13 rated movie that includes themes of moral hazard, green energy, social media, wealth and greed and some lessons from the Great Recession of 2008-09. It’s designed for students to create Infographics about individual companies from the Dow or S&P 500. We even include a grading rubric for you! 

Service Learning Idea Lawn Boy

TCT’s new Investing with Lawn Boy can merge your high school students with middle grades from a feeder school so students in both grade levels can learn about investing topics. We’ve paired the short novel Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulson, with literacy activities and worksheets and a TCT created Quizlet Set that can be done  in tandem with younger learners. Create a “book buddies” experience by having your high school students complete the lesson. Then stage a visit to a feeder school with middle grades to teach them about investing concepts. Better yet, share lessons digitally that your older teens create with middle school teachers who want to partner with your Business Ed class. 

TCT’s Lending Library 

What’s new and noteworthy about the Investing with Lawn Boy lesson is that TCT can loan you a set of novels for your classroom and/or the middle school classroom. We offer this service so you won’t have to worry about finding funds to make this purchase.  We’ve provided a reservation link on our website so you can ask us to mail you the books. We’ll even supply a return label to mail them back! 

Check out Take Charge Today for fun and engaging ways to keep your students dialed into learning before the school year wraps up! 

Lisa Bender is the Education and Marketing Specialist for Take Charge Today, a personal financial education curriculum offered by The University of Arizona. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and 30 year veteran business educator of Maryland Public Schools. Follow Lisa on Twitter @lisa_m_bender where she Tweets about all things #FinLit. 
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