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Do you remember being in school and getting SO EXCITED for field trip day?  Well, guess what?  21st Century learners get excited too!  For both students and teachers, there are  numerous ways field trips you can take that are both fun and educational.  And, even better, there are an endless number of ways to make these field trips relate to financial literacy!

Community Based Field Trips 

First, look for financial literacy field trips right within your own community.  

Local Banks & Credit Unions 

Contact the management staff to see if students can come tour and learn about:

safe deposit box

  • ways in which the banking industry impacts us

  • why becoming “banked” is important in the 21st century

  • how students can open their own accounts and start growing their financial wealth

  • safe deposit boxes

  • behind the scenes operations 

  • banking careers



Local Businesses 

Ask your students to brainstorm lists of business they could visit and what questions they would ask during a tour and a talk with the business staff such as the following:

  • Malls 

    • visit a mall and sit in on a discussion from their marketing team about consumer advertising 

    • how local businesses contribute to the local economy

    • what jobs are created by this local business?

Economic Development

  • SBDC (Small Business Development Centers)

  • Local industrial parks 

  • Chamber of Commerce 

Put These Field Trips on Your Radar Too

Think outside the box when planning field trips that can have ties to financial literacy: 

  • State Parks   

    • civic involvement and responsibility

    • ways in which our tax dollars pay for enjoyable amenities 

  • Art Museums 

    • Tour the local museum with a guide and view paintings, photographs, sculptures, and drawings that tell the story of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds

    • How do these works of art make you think differently about finances? 

    •  What do the works of art tell us about finances?

    • How are artists paid?   

    • What is the artist making a statement about with these works of art?  Are there any financial messages in here?  

Sports Stadiums and Arenas 

  • help students understand the impact sports teams have on their local economy

  • explore careers with sports marketing and management

  • learn about supply chain management and procurement processes 

  • ski resorts 

  • YMCA 


  • investigate commerce 

  • training for jobs like TSA

  • airline operations and career operations

  • traffic control operations

  • general operations and businesses located within the airport 

Funding Field Trips 

Have you ever said no to field trips because of the cost?  There are opportunities teachers can pursue for free financial field trips.  

  • Donors Choose (donorschoose.org) 

  • post a project and you may just get that field trip funded.  

  • state Parks management offer funding for educational opportunities.  

  • local museums often have budgets for educational endeavors

  • school alumni associations may have funding to help offset travel costs 

  • Chamber of Commerce could be approached to help fund a trip with ties to financial literacy and building better understanding of local business functions

Field trips can be fun, formative, and educational. At the same time, they can be relative to financial literacy. Finally, these field trips can even come free of charge to your school district. So rev up the bus! Time for a field trip!

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