Share Your Experience

When viewing a course guide or lesson plan, you will have the opportunity to offer your feedback and observations about the curriculum resource. This will allow you to share information with other MoneyTeach educators about your experience with the curriculum and pass along any variations that you incorporated while bringing the curriculum resource to your classes. When searching for a curriculum item to offer to your class, you may also refer to the experience of other educators to see how they used the material in their own classroom setting. On any curriculum lesson or course guide, you may select Share Your Experience to begin.

Create Course Guides

MoneyTeach allows you to organize lessons into your own custom courses through the eFiles feature. This will allow you to organize custom series of lessons for your individual classes, or save them for future use. You will also have the option to offer your course recommendations to the MoneyTeach community! To get started, select Save to My eFiles on any curriculum resource.